05 fevereiro 2014

Inquisitor Coteaz

Hi All,

early last year I got myself an Inquisitor Coteaz from the Fine Cast line. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the material and some serious bubble had to be fixed before painting. 
As I do with many of my projects...I've assembled, intending to be part of my Grey Knights army renovation but something else got on its way and was left on my WIP Tupperware.

Well Recently on my "finish all WIP" spree, I took it over and decided to work on it....oh...by the way it had some serious wash with the water that comes out of the painting cups I use while I'm painting as I let my daughter to "paint it" with me while I was doing something else.

The final result turned out fairly good with nothing remarkable to tell.

And BTW, don't forget to check the "Papo de Mesa Podcast". A show that me , my buddy Estevao from The Painting Frog and other guests talk about miniature and boardgames. (It's n portuguese though.)



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