19 fevereiro 2014

Book Review - Storm of Iron by Graham McNeill

Hi All,

Another quick post, this time to record the fact that I've  finished another Black Library book.
This time was the STORM of IRON an Iron Warriors novel by Graham McNeill.
This was a recommendation that my buddy Estevao (The Painting Frog) made in one of our Podcast Episodes (Papo de Mesa Podcast).
It's about a siege set by the Iron Warriors into a remote Imperial station in the far corner of the universe. The citadel whose the Iron Warriors is trying to breach is defended by an IG castellan and his company and in conjunction with the God Machine's faithful servants, the Adeptus Mechanicus.
There are several plots occurring in parallel always centered around different characters, such as an Iron Warrior Half Bread, the IG Castellan, a not well behaved private, a Slave and her hatred for the Chaos, an Iron Warriors terminator leader and so on... and they are all stitched together very well as the history develops.
I believe it became a fast paced book on its second half which for me was good enough. It exploits a lot the characteristics that distinguish the Iron Warriors from other chapters. Brings several elements that enriches the overall knowledge about this chapter and Chaos ways of working in this fantastic and complex universe.
I'm a Good guys supporter and half way through the history I wasn't sure who I was supposed to cheer for.

My final note is that it was a great book to read. I recommend!

see you next time


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