22 janeiro 2014

Commander Dante - Quick job to knock this one out.

Hi Guys,

While massing around with my BAs, the other day, I noticed Commander Dante again. I never had use for this mini on my games but was part of my collection for sometime already. When I saw it there on my BA tray I said to myself...what a great oportunity to try OSL (Object Source light).

The painting scheme was as simple as 1,2,3. Black Primer (Vallejo, Airbrushed), heavy brush of Chocolate Brown (Vallejo Model collor), drybrush with Vallejo Gold (Model color) washed with diluted flesh ink from Vallejo and details went from there...

I did the live jump pack painting and the glowing eyes by using a very dark blue (probably GW not remember the name), a medium tone blue (I will say Ultramarine blue...), than Ice Blue and a final touch of a 50/50 mix of Ice Blue and white!

Base is from Back-to-Base-ix Autralia...I use them on all my BAs and others as I got a huge lot of those. Black primer, dark blue, codex grey, mix 50/50 grey and white and white!

That's it, great learning oportunity and another Check on my BA collection.


*Sorry again for the lame pics quality...I'll get them in better quality....some day!!!!

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